Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thinking Thursday:

Today is Thinking Thursday!  

Every Thursday, we will be learning something new.  Today we explored which is a place to ask questions and get answers to everything that you may be wondering.
This week marked the beginning of Camp What-A-Wonder, which runs through July 26th.  This summer's theme is Uncover the Wonder Around You.  Wonderopolis also has a cool app that you can install on your mobile device through iTunes, so you can Wonder about anything, anywhere!  It's a fantastic, free resource for families to explore and learn together.  We even added the Wonderopolis widget to our blog (on the right).  Check it out!

Today the Boys were allowed to explore any Wonder they wanted from the website, and here are the ones they chose.

Hey this is C.J.  I tried to mow the lawn but failed.  And this is... Thinking Thursday.  Today for Thinking Thursday, we went on Wonderopolis and we chose a wonder of the day.  I chose the one with donuts (of course).  I learned that there are different kinds of donuts like the long John and the ring donut, and the cake donut.  I watched a video about donuts and saw all kinds of different glazes like peach and chocolate, and I also learned how they make donuts by putting dough in a ring shape and putting it into boiling oil.  Then they flip it over after a minute, then they wait a minute, take it out and put the glaze on it.  They strive for having the best donut that is light and delicious.  Now I am extremely hungry for donuts.  I think for Treat Tuesday, we will make donuts.  (Hint, hint.)

This is P.J. and on I decided to learn about zodiac signs and I found out that I am a cancer, and that means that I am fun loving, I will stay a child at heart, and I will be a model father. I also learned that Bruce Willis and Gorge W. Bush are also cancers. I also found out something interesting.  My brother C.J. is an Aries.  He shares a zodiac sign with Chuck Norris, his hero, and I think that's cool.  That is what I learned on Thinking Thursday.

What are you wondering?


  1. Sounds like a field trip to the Frying Dutchman Donut Shop in Kutztown would be a good follow up for CJ's Wonder-of-the-Day :)

    1. Ha! The Boys have already been there, but I haven't. That's a fun idea. :)


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