Monday, June 17, 2013

It's Monday! It's our Blog-Birthday! What Are You Reading?

Today the Boys and I are linking up to a meme hosted by Shelia at Book Journey as well as Jen and Kellee at Teach Mentor Texts.  It's called: It's Monday!  What Are You Reading?  Check out both of their blogs for many, many, more wonderful book recommendations and links to others who are doing the same.

It is also our 

(Belated) Blog Birthday!

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On June 11, 2012, we began our quest to re-ignite and fuel our reading, as the Boys had sizzled and sputtered in their reading fire when they hit their tween and teen years.  Mom is happy to report that they both achieved their reading goals in 2012, and they are well on their way to meeting their new and more lofty goals for 2013!  Please follow our blog this summer, as we will be posting more frequently (3 times a week) as we adventure along.

Here is our Summer Schedule:
  • Make-it Monday- We will do our IMWAYR post and show you what we have crafted ourselves on this artsy-fartsy day.
  • Treat Tuesday- Join us as we cook up something good and talk about our favorite books.  Also check out Daydream Reader and Maria's Melange, because they participate in Treat Tuesday, which is why we want to participate, too!
  • Wet Wednesday- We will splish-splash in something wet, and take a day off from blogging.
  • Thinking Thursday-  Our focus will be on non-fiction this day, and we'll share what we have learned.
  • Freaky Friday- Who knows what will happen??  But it sure will be FUN!!!

On to our current reading fun!  Here are our updates...

Our rating system as penned by P.J.:  
  • For every "rock" it means something different, like 1 rock is not very good, 2 rocks is OK, 3 rocks is good, 4 rocks is great, and 5 rocks is amazing! Well now that I got you up to speed, let's get into these book reviews.

Hey its C.J, rockin it with rock ratings! (alliteration time!) and this is book report time!

I know I haven't posted in awhile, and I am sorry about that. But now I'm back and ready to rock and roll! (see what I did there?)  So now I've been into the Lord of the Rings series and I am about to start reading The Fellowship of the Ring.  I already read The Hobbit. (I posted a blog on it awhile back.)  I watched all the movies these past few days so now I am going to read the books! While I was away, I read a bunch of other books like the Island series by Gordon Korman, and Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports by James Patterson.  I haven't posted about them yet (Note: yet(: ) So I am going to leave it off there, I will see you guys later. 

One last thing, I checked out a book called Nerd Camp by Elissa Brent Weisman.  So I will post on that next week! See ya!

Hey this is P.J. and today I finished Class A (Cherub #2) by Robert Muchamore.  I told my Mom that she should just get the whole series for me, because I'm really into it.  I'm reading Maximum Security (Cherub #3) next. 

Mom has read many books lately, but today I'll mention Nerd Camp (which C.J. is reading next) as well as See You at Harry's by Jo Knowles.  Nerd Camp is sweet and funny, Harry's will make you cry.  Both are excellent summer reads.

I am now reading:

For today's Make-It Monday, we made:

Summer Reading Goals!!

Yes, that is 


Next week will be better... we promise!

What are you reading??


  1. How fun! I don't have any formal plans, but the boys will definitely be doing some blogging. Older wrote a bit about Doctor Who, Younger is working on a story based in Minecraft.

    Older is also reading the Cherub series - we just got #5 from the library.

    1. I am finding that structure is good for our family during the summer. :) We look forward to reading your boys' blogs.
      Now both of our older boys are reading Cherub #5- how cool!

  2. Yay!! So glad to see you back - I kept checking :)

    Sounds like you are all doing some fun reading and have a great, fun plan for summer!

    Be sure to check out my Big Book Summer Challenge - the LOTR books would definitely qualify!


    Great Books for Kids and Teens

    Book By Book

    Big Book Summer Challenge

    1. Yes, we are back more consistently this summer. Glad you kept checking! We will check out your challenge. Thanks for sharing. :)


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