Thursday, February 7, 2013

Friendly Competition?

Guess who is a bit competitive?
When we set our personal reading goals this January, the intent was to challenge ourselves to read more that we had in 2012.  A tiny comment from C.J. tweaked the beginning of something that I am realizing is escalating into a serious competition.

"How many books is P.J. reading?"

Once satisfied that his goal would be higher, C.J. poked the bear by announcing his 2013 challenge would be ten more books than his older brother.  And so it commenced.

Currently, it is friendly, with the boys logging their reading on and reviewing books here on our blog.  I sense that the river of their rivalry is flowing more rapidly below the surface, as they casually ask, "So how many is that so far?" or mention, "I read this one in three days."  Their battle is bubbling underneath their breath.

So now I wonder, is a little friendly family competition a good thing?  This was not my original target.  Intrinsic motivation was always the goal.  But they are brothers after all, and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...  Mom really likes to win.

At this point, though, they are both ahead of me!

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