Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Reading Re-Cap 2012 and Our Reading 2013 Challenge ( a.k.a. Why We Are Rockstars)

We are amazed and at times utterly dumbfounded by the sheer amount of reading we have accomplished in the last 7 months.  Has it just been a mere half-year plus thirty days since we began our blog?  Why yes, yes it has.  And what an amazing 7 months it has been!

Here are our 2012 stats (youngest to oldest):

C.J. read <insert drum roll here>  19 books! 

Hey this is C.J.!  I read more books than P.J... and this... is book reflection time.
Today I finished the Harry Potter series finally! Also this past year has been great!  We created the blog, we gained lots of awesome viewers, and read lots of books! I deeply hope that this year will be the same. This year expect some more vlogs (video blogs), and I have a great book for the next blog post.  I also hope this year we will be getting sponsors (Don't get your hopes up) and get more viewers!  
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C.J.'s Goal for 2013: 40 books (Which is still more than P.J.)

P.J. read <insert drum roll here> 13 books!

Hey this is P.J. and this is my 2012 reading reflection. I think that I have not read enough books this year, and I think that was because I was distracted by a lot of things and I plan to manage my time better. What I think is going to motivate me the most is the thought that I can always do better, not just at reading, but at everything. This has been P.J.  Hope to see you next time.

P.J.'s Goal for 2013: 30 books

Mom read <yep, the drum roll again> 75 books! (But she is sorta cheating, because she began counting in February, not June.  But still...)

When we began this blog on June 11th, I never thought that the Boys would still be going strong in January.  Yet, they continue to read (one needing a bit more motivation than the other), and they continue to enjoy blogging about it.  The biggest discovery so far is that this quest has not just been a one-sided event (as it appeared at its inception), and I feel like I now know my sons more deeply as individuals as well as readers.  We motivate each other, recommend books to each other, and our connection to each other has grown stronger as a result.  This is an added benefit of our journey, and quite frankly, my favorite unforeseen perk.   I'm not sure how long this will last, but I will continue to stand in awe of my Boys, participating as a partner in their reading lives for as long as they will let me.

Mom's Goal for 2013:  100 books and an infinite number of opportunities to admire and cherish my Boys who are READING!
Mom's 2013 Reading Challenge Goal


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