Saturday, December 1, 2012

The 25 Days of Book-mas!!!

It's HERE!  Day 1 of the
25 Days of Book-mas!!!

The Boys thought it would be fun to take a moment during this magical time of year to reflect on their reading lives and share their most favorite books of ALL TIME as a gift to others.   Each day, we will share the best of the best of our Book-a-day blog, spreading peace to all and good will through books.

If that isn't reason enough to check back every day, here are a few more reasons from the Boys themselves:

1.  Because we are totally awesome actual boys and a mom who read all the time.
2.  Because you will find out about new books you never read before.
3.  Because you may be inspired to find a good book to give to your kids as a gift.
4.  Because we will make you laugh with our fabulous jokes.
5.  Chuck Norris.
6.  Because reading ROCKS!

Now, if you find yourself caught up in the spirit of the season, please pay it forward by linking your 25 faves with ours.  Feel free to grab our badge and link back to our blog for maximum festive-ness for the rest of us!

And now, without further ado...

Day 1:

Nothing is more magical than:

Harry Potter!

Because we have all read at least some of the books in the series, today we will blog in an interview format.  We recommend this series to muggles aged 9 and up.

Mom:  Why is the Harry Potter series awesome?
C.J.:  Helllllloooooo... Magic!
P.J.:  It is cool to go to a wizarding world.  When you read them, they make you feel that anything is possible.

Mom:  If you could be any character in Harry Potter, who would you be and why?
C.J.:  Harry Potter, because he is the chosen one, just like me.
P.J.:  Ron Weasely, because he is funny, brave, and a good friend to Harry.

Mom:  What house do you belong in Hogwarts?
C.J.:  Hufflepuff, because they are loyal.
P.J.:  Griffindor, because they are brave.

Mom:  Which female character to you like the best and why?
C.J.:  Hermoine, because she doesn't procrastinate on work, like me.
P.J.:  Luna Lovegood, because she is quirky and funny, and her character develops more over time.

Mom:  If you had a magic wand, which spell would you cast on your brother?
C.J.:  Reparo, to fix his brain.
P.J.:  Wingardium leviosa, to fly him around.

Mom:  What is you favorite treat from Honeydukes?
C.J.:  Bernie Botts every flavor beans:  earwax flavor.
P.J.:  Oh, vomit flavor is pretty good, too.  Heh heh.
C.J.: And Fizzing Whizzbees are pretty cool, too.

Mom:  Favorite word:  Voldemort.
C.J.:  Neville Longbottom
P.J.:  Hey, that's two words, C.J.!  My word is: Horcrux

Hogwarts Magic to all, and to all, good reading tonight! 

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