Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? AND Book-mas Day 3!

Today the Boys and I are linking up to a meme hosted by Shelia at Book Journey as well as Jen and Kellee at Teach Mentor Texts.  It's called: It's Monday!  What Are You Reading?  Check out both of their blogs for many, many, more wonderful book recommendations and links to others who are doing the same!

In addition, today is Day 3 of our

25 Days of Book-mas!!!

(Say it in your best Santa-voice.  It makes it seem more awesome.)

Here is our rating system, as written by P.J.:  
    Rock on!
  • For every "rock" it means something different, like 1 rock is not very good, 2 rocks is OK, 3 rocks is good, 4 rocks is great, and 5 rocks is amazing! Well now that I got you up to speed, let's get into these book reviews.

Hey this is P.J. and this is my reading update!  I have been reading the book Insignia by S.J. Kincaid for the past few weeks and I have to say it is a good book. There is always a part that leaves you wanting more.   In other news in school, we started to read the book The Pearl by John Steinbeck, and I can't really say anything about it because we are on page one. This has been P.J. and this has been my reading update.

Hey this is C.J. I am feeling really sick and this is book report time.  (Mom's note:  C.J. was reading in the car.  While this is good news, it is also unfortunate because of the motion sickness...)
I am still reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling. Right now in the part were Sirius is being held hostage and being tortured by Lord Voldemort.  (I used to call him Voldewart.) So Harry and his friends are going to save him. But as Harry is checking to see if it's a trick by Voldemort, Harry gets caught by Professor Umbridge and he has to get away from Umbridge so Harry can save Sirius. This is a great book and I highly recommend it for any readers who enjoy fantasy stories with an intense angle.

Mom's current books:

This is a very engaging book so far, and I have one reader in particular who I think will thoroughly enjoy this one.  I have so many books in my "currently reading" bookstack, though, that I haven't finished yet.

Our book study began today after school.  We have read Chapters 1-3 so far.  I have also been participating in chats with the hashtag #pathcc on Twitter, and I am just starting to wrap my head around the Common Core State Standards.  I have a feeling that I will be re-reading and referring to this book throughout the school year (and most likely next year, too!)

I think that as far as my Goodreads 2012 goal of reading 75 books this year goes, Anna Karenina probably wasn't the best choice.  I think I'll have to supplement my numbers with a few picture books (is that cheating??)

Here are my book-booster choices for next week:


Happy  Reading!  

Check back tomorrow for Day 4 of:


  1. I need to go catch up on your Bookmas posts... I was busy this week with family stuff (Den meetings, Orchestra concerts) and with writing TWO guest posts for School Library Journal's Connect the Pop blog on using The Hobbit in my class.

    I'll be curious to see what you think about The Pearl. My fifth grader called it "okay, I guess". I made some serious connections to Lord of the Rings (Tolkien on the brain, much?)

    1. Ha! I feel like I am behind with everything! I need to catch up on your posts as well. I'm interested in reading your post for SLJ, too. Send me a link if you have a minute... :)

      Now I'll have to re-read The Pearl. I am curious about the connection! The Boys and I are so, so, so excited for The Hobbit to come out!!!!!


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