Saturday, December 15, 2012

Guest Blogger! Day 15: Super G!

Today is Day 15 of our

25 Days of Book-mas!!!

Today we have Super G! (the Boys' younger cousin) visiting us, and we thought it would be fun to have him recommend his favorite book.

Today's Pick from our guest blogger:  

Pokemon: Essential Handbook  by Scholastic, Inc., Cris Silvestri

Super G! says:  I think that Pokemon: Essential Handbook is super-awesome, because it has every single need to know fact about Pokemon, and it has every single Pokemon except Celbio.  It's a good start to the Pokemon world.  The way it is organized is A to Z in alphabetical order.  The description of each Pokemon includes the possible moves, the region, and the height.  I'd have to say Kyurem is the best Pokemon because it's the one that battled Celbio in the battle to determine the universe's future.  

This is Supa G!  See ya later!

CJ says: Supa G! is a Pokemon Boss.

PJ says: When the Pokemon apocalypse comes, we will all be ready to catch them all.

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