Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 2: Guys and Books: Nerdy or not?

Mom knows that reading is important, yet we still occasionally fight the "reading is nerdy" battle in our house.  The "glasses-on-face-nose-in-book-pocket-protector-dorky-kid-who-gets-shoved-into-lockers" stereotype is prevalent on TV, movies, and even at school.  Last year, one of the Boys was accused of being a "try-hard" in language arts, because he had read and wanted to participate in a discussion in one of his classes.  Middle School.  Ugh.

Empowering boys to know that reading books does not equate to "dork status" can be a tough battle.  So, instead of fighting, I promote embracing our reading nerdiness, just as we embrace our inner geek with technology (via Minecraft, x-box, Star Wars, Legos, and the like).  Guy readers, unite!  And with that, here are today's picks dedicated to boy readers everywhere:

P.J.'s pick:

The Boy's Book:  How to Be the Best at Everything by Guy Macdonald and Dominique Enright

This book is awesome because it teaches you how to be the best at everything a boy should know how to do like, start a fire (important), how to make the best paper airplane ever, and loads of other things. If you are looking for a good book to get a young boy you know, I would highly suggest getting them the  book that will teach them to be the best at everything.

C.J.'s pick:

Guys Write for Guys Read edited by Jon Scieszka

This has to be one of my favorite books. It is a book written by all of your favorite authors telling stories about when they were kids. My favorite one would have to be "My French Teacher Tried to Kill Me."  I like it because first, you can tell the whole entire thing is made up, which is what makes it funny. Second, because it is action-packed awesomeness! And lastly, because it is written by Anthony Horowitz (awesometacular author).  This and other stories written by authors like Dav Pilkey, Dan Gutman, Jerry Spinelli, Gordan Korman, and more make this a perfect pick for any guy reader.
*Mom's note:  It is also great for reading at bedtime and motivating reluctant readers, because the stories are engaging and short.

UPDATE:  Even better, there are many more Guys Read books that will appeal to all kinds of guys.  We have not read these (yet) but here they are:

I have a feeling my funny one will enjoy Funny Business as our next read-aloud. 

Happy Reading!  Nerdy?  NOT!

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