Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 12: Mom's Memories of Book-mas Past

Today is Day 12 of our

25 Days of Book-mas!!!

Tonight I am feeling nostalgic.  We just returned from a Holiday Concert, where P.J. performed with his classmates on stage.  Looking up at this young man, dressed up with shiny black shoes, singing tunes with a mouth full of braces, I couldn't help but think back to a time when his cheeks were chubby and pink and he would climb up into my lap to read a story in his footie jammies.  While I am so proud of the young man that he is becoming, I feel a tug at my heart knowing that those days are now a fond memory.   So, this week, I read three new picture books that reminded me of those snuggly, read-aloud days of the past.

Birds by Kevin Henkes and Why Is Blue Dog Blue by George Rodrigue
These books have similar references to color, similarly styled illustrations, and the story is written in a musical tone.  I especially loved the movement of the birds at the end of Henkes' book.  It reminded me of Blue Dog flying in the sky with the stars.

Hogwash! by Karma Wilson and Pigsty by Mark Teague
Our copy of Pigsty is tattered, torn, and obviously well loved.  The Boys loved the humorous way Teague approached the subject of keeping your room clean.  I think they would have also loved the farmer's humorous attempts to get the pigs to take a bath in Hogwash, too.

Substitute Creacher by Chris Gall and Miss Nelson is Missing! by Harry Allard.  
The Boys love an evil teacher story (knowing that their Mom is one, Haha!), and when they were little we read and re-read Miss Nelson many times.  Substitute Creacher takes the evil substitute to a whole new level, and I would not recommend reading it with preschoolers.  Now that they are older, the Boys may appreciate the humor and exaggeration, but it could be quite frightening for little ones.   Maybe this is the way I can get them to read with me once again~ the promise of a scary bedtime story...
Muahahahaha!  Well... maybe.

Wishing you snuggles, stories, and sweet dreams in footie jammies!

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