Sunday, November 25, 2012

Intervention: Insignia

My most enthusiastic reader fell flat when school began.  I had hoped it was a temporary lag, due to the adjustment to school, homework, sports, and after-school extra-curricular activities.  I remained patient, positive that he would return to his summer-reading stamina.

He brought home books and read them.  School books.  Mysteries.  He seemed to enjoy them, but an effort was evident in the sighs that emanated when he chatted about them.

Red flags went up when our conversations began to include words such as, "more challenging" and "complex" - - uttered by my 13 year old, NOT me...  Still, I stayed silent and waited in earnest for my reader to re-emerge.

And when he had finished his assigned novels I asked, "What's next?"

"I don't know.  Whatever she gives us, I guess," was the reply.

"But what about you, at home, for fun?  What do you want to read?"

"I don't read for fun.  I read enough at school."

It was at that point that I knew an intervention was needed.  Immediately.  All of our summer reading progress plummeted into a deep, dark abyss with that statement, because I knew the truth.  Two books in two months is not enough reading.  Not even close.

So back to work I went, searching for that book that would pull him out of this reading blackout.  And I found what he needed.  He needed an Insignia.

And with that, my Boy is back.

Well, actually right now he is in the Pentagonal Spire, battling Medusa.

He is so far into the story, he has no idea that I even took these pictures.  Piper knows.

#2 in the series comes out in 2013!  Yay!

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