Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The End is Near?

Oh no!  Please tell me it isn't true...

Summer... is almost... over.

In the interest of feeding my ever-present tendency towards denial, we took one last family beach vacation this week.   It was an absolutely lovely and necessary getaway for the whole family.   What better than to cap off an amazing summer with sand, waves, and boardwalk games?

The Boys buried themselves in the sand as I buried the reality that our summer reading days are numbered.  Yes, just one more week until Mom is back in the classroom, and less than two before we all are in full-force school mode.

Still, I am looking back to where we started this summer and reflecting on the progress that we have made together.  When we began this journey in June, my goal was simple.  The Boys need to discover a love for books that will carry them through to their adult lives.  Magical places and amazing people exist in books.  I want them to know that there are worlds beyond ours, especially beyond X-box and Minecraft.  Reading is fun.  Reading is important.

Our agreement for the summer was this:

1. We will read every day.
2. We will write every day about what we have read.
3. We can read anything that we choose to read.
4. We can read at any time of the day, and Mom will not give us a schedule. 

Did we maintain our agreement for the summer?  Well, not completely.
1.  Did we read every single day?  To be honest, no.  But did we read just about every day?  Yes, absolutely.  We definitely were in a regular reading groove this summer.
2.  Did we write every day about our reading?  No.  This was something that we adjusted as we went along.  Instead of daily writing, we had daily talks about our reading.  I would ask them how it was going, and we would do check-ins and discuss our reading.  We saved our writing for our reviews after we completed our books.
3.  Did we choose our books?  Yes, we absolutely chose what we wanted to read, and abandoned what we didn't like.  Read here for more about abandoning books.
4.  Did Mom back off?  Well, yes, and no.  Yes, I allowed flexibility in daily reading time.  Did I completely leave the schedule to the boys?  No, we still, even today, need a schedule planner to decide when reading will occur in our busy days.  And yes, I still nag.  Occasionally.  Mom is not perfect.

But most important, was our summer reading plan successful?

We will let our summer reading tallies speak for themselves:

P.J. = 8 books read
C.J.= 15 books read
Mom=  33 books read


Though the end of summer is near, we are not quite finished with it yet!  Like she does with nearly-empty bottles of sunscreen, Mom will squeeze 
every last bit of summer (and reading) out of these last few precious days.

So, stay tuned for more summer reading reflections and recommendations!

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