Friday, August 10, 2012

Book Swap BASH!


In an earlier post, I detailed my brilliant, creative, and very exciting idea of hosting a party to celebrate books and reading with the Boys and their Friends.  If you had been following along at the time, you will recall that the idea was not received with quite the enthusiasm that Mom had hoped.  (Read this to refresh your memory.  Then come back.)


This week, my vision, my insight, my amazing Mom awesomeness materialized into reality with our first ever Summer Book Swap BASH!  As you can see, the Boys and I had a few books at our house to swap.

OK, so maybe it is more than a few, but if purchasing books is my greatest vice, then commit me.  

As we sorted out "swapping books" from "keeping books," the Boys and I took a lovely trip down memory lane.  Remembering our conversation that day still makes me a little weepy, but warm and fuzzy at the same time.
"Mom!  Remember when we read Katy and the Big Snow?  I loved that book."
"Mom, look!  If the Dinosaurs Came Back!  That dentist is in a precarious situation.  Heh heh.  Or maybe he is a little too trusting of that T-Rex."  More laughter.
"Hey, we can't swap that one, it's one of my all-time favorites!"

Looking back over our reading lives together, I could feel something big.  Momentum was beginning to take hold.  It was a force that I think has always been inside them, but at that moment it exploded and radiated outward throughout the afternoon.  

For Books and Reading.  

Reading Books!

I almost burst when their friends arrived, ready to trade.  The Boys were in charge.  They were Boss.  (Not bossy, but Boss, as in cool and awesome- it's a word that they recently taught me.)

Who is better to recommend books than fellow reader friends?

We had many satisfied customers.

Better than getting new books to read, though, was the opportunity that the Boys had to talk about their reading lives with their friends.  While swapping books, our conversations were lively and animated, and we all became more than just friends who read.  We became a reading community.

They are already asking when we will do it again.

Score 1 for ALL of us!


  1. Fabulous idea! During the dog days of summer, our new stacks of treasured books refreshed my house of little readers.

    1. Yay! We are so glad that you could come and swap with us! Looking forward to more book talks in the near future!!


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