Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Ahhh.... Vacation.
 Meandering down a path to the lake, I listen to the frogs croak their greetings to me as I take the canoe out for an early morning exploration.  The owners of the cabin that we are renting said that a BIG beaver lives down a ways, and I am eager for a peek.  My Blue Heron buddy takes off, his wings the only sound besides the lapping of my paddles as I head out into the watery expanse.  These quiet moments~ time off with family and friends to relax.  That's what it's all ab....

Battle cry of the boys begins as they race down the dock, jumping, CANNONBALL!

Amusement park!  Luckily (for Mom) with Dad!
Spinning rides, cotton candy, roller coaster, loop-dee-loop, upside-down, ice cream, log flume, hot dogs with mustard, haunted house, kettle corn, hot-black sticky pavement, a gargantuan stuffed fuchsia lemur with creepy eyes (I WON it!!), drink some water, head home,

Delightful Dinner...
Glass of wine (for Mom, not Boys)...
Fall asleep.



Those lazy days of summer are hastening forward with lightning speed, and our intended plan, our compact for reading is proving to be tricky to achieve this week.  We must be even more persistent and intentional with our reading goal especially with all of this fun and merriment in store. 
With that in mind, I've crafted a three-fold plan adaptation: 1) Will travel?  Have books.  Books must go where we go.  In the car, to the park, to the lake, wherever!  2)  Down time is reading time.  When noses and shoulders turn pink, head inside with a book and cool down.  3)  Rainy days are reading days.  Yes, we can head out and catch the latest summer blockbuster, too, but we will also grab the opportunity to catch up on our reading when it is thundering outside.
We will persist.  Carry on, summer readers!

Here are our latest lakefront Boy Book Reviews:

Hey. This is C.J. I am on vacation with my awesome family! Yesterday I went to Kings Dominion Amusement park in Virginia with my Dad and our good friends. Unfortunately our friends had to leave today to go home. ):   Today I was reading Mockingjay.  I ditched this book for a little bit and now I decided to continue reading it.  I was at the part where Katniss was making the video to air in all the districts except the capitol.  Katniss gunned down a bunch of bombers with her bow, making them explode!  You might be asking yourself, "How am I getting time to read?"  Well.  Whenever I'm not outside at the lake, I am inside reading a book. Well, maybe not alllll the the time. (I'll mostly be watching TV.) (:

Hello again! This is P.J. and I read the book Dead End in Norvelt. This book is still good so far and is continuously surprising me with its twists and turns. This book is unpredictable you never know what is going to happen next. So far I am through Chapter 4 and I am looking forward to reading more. This week as you may know I am on vacation, this can be a hard time to find a nice place to read for a while, but I recommend reading in whatever spare time you have. Yesterday I was going to go to Kings Dominion amusement park (it was really fun) but my Dad had to get everything ready so I decided to read, and I read about 30 pages of my book. But remember it can be hard to find a good place to read, but just look for spare time on vacation and sit down and read.

For the Moms out there:  Forget the 50 Shades.  Yes, you heard me.  And, for what it's worth, I disliked the entire Twilight series as well.  But, if you want some of my personal Mom-worthy beach/lake/vacation reading recommendations (YA, books, mind you), read on:
  • If you liked the Hunger Games series, try Divergent and Insurgent (in that order) by Veronica Roth.  I loved both of these dystopian books, and I am biting my nails waiting for #3 in the series.
  • If you liked The Help and enjoy historical fiction, try What I Saw and How I Lied by Judy Blundell.
  • And finally, if you enjoyed the Hangover (yes, the movie) and movies like The Hangover, try From What I Remember by Stacy Kramer.
Happy Vacation Reading!

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