Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 1: War and Punishment

Despite feeling somewhat like a drill sargent at the moment, I must admit that our first day went much more smoothly than I originally anticipated.  It took a few friendly reminders and gentle urging, but my sons successfully achieved their Day 1 goal.  Please enjoy their inaugural reviews below.  They crafted and typed these reviews themselves, with minor editing and spell-checking guidance on my part.   

P.J.'s review of DK Eyewitness Books: World War II by Simon Adams (ISBN-13: 978-0756630089)

Hi my name is P.J.  I am going into 8th grade and I will admit I am not much of a reader, but I decided to take this challenge because I would like to read a little bit more. My interests include history and realistic fiction and I think the book I read was a great choice for me.

The book I read is Eyewitness Books, World War II. This book was very informational and informant.  I found my self thinking that what I was reading was interesting. It guided you through the book with a general overview of what was happening, and then went into detail of the certain things like the part about spies, it showed you what certain spy weapons they used like the "Propelling Pencil Pistol," and
'Hidden knife." In all of the information found in this book I now know what the main war was about and not just the small version.  I recommend this book for people that like nonfiction history and are ages 13- infinity.

Mom's note:  On the way to the library yesterday, once the boys removed their ear buds and headphones, we brainstormed a bit about their individual interests and the kinds of books that may be a good fit for them.  P.J.'s experience was very decisive and purposeful.  He went straight for the non-fiction section and picked seven books about war.  At the time, little voice in the back of my head whispered to me that this might be a symptom of video game withdrawal, but I have pushed away any thoughts of censorship.  I know that choice is critical when motivating children to read.  So off to war we go.  We can expand our horizons and explore other genres in the future- one battle at a time.
C.J.'s review of Punished! by David Lubar (ISBN-13: 978-1-58196-042-5)

Sup, my name is C.J and I was forced to do this reading thing.  I am going to 6th grade.  My interests are martial arts and video games.

The book I read was Punished, the exact way I feel right now. The book Punished is about a kid who gets punished and can only speak puns "quote PUNished" and the only way he can fix it is finding things like palindromes and oxymorons to lift his curse. I would recommend this book to language arts addicts, unlike myself.

Mom's note:  When we went to the library yesterday, C.J. really struggled to find books that he might enjoy, and I grabbed it as a goof- an attempt at some humor as he was moping around.  Surprisingly, it was the first one he chose to read, and he read it cover to cover today (while chuckling).  So, take his review with a grain of salt... or library dust, if you will...

I hope you enjoyed today's post.  Please feel free to comment and add words of encouragement.  My boys would love to hear your thoughts about their reviews.  :)


  1. Can I send my two over as well?!? T is reading Chasing Lincoln's Killer and so far we both like it! A is still trying to pick her books?!?!?

    1. We can meet you at the library! Probably heading back on Friday- email me.


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